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Need a Contempt Order?

Individuals in the middle of a family law matter can become belligerent and stubborn. Whether the issue involves divorce, legitimation, or any other matter, parties that receive an unfavorable outcome are prone to harsh reactions that directly defy the court's order. This is known as contempt, and if an individual is in direct violation of the terms of the court's decision, Gibbs Tillery is here to ensure that those terms are upheld.

Contempt can have residual effects on all parties involved. Defying a court's order could mean that a spouse or child doesn't receive the care and support needed to maintain a balanced life. Our Decatur contempt attorneys will not stand for this. A judge's decision is made with the intent to be fair for all parties involved. Make sure that your child receives the financial support he or she needs.

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File a Contempt of Court with Our Decatur Contempt attorneys

Contempt of court is a fairly common occurrence that stems from an outcome that one party deems unfavorable. When a contempt action is filed, the party is often found guilty of willful contempt. If found guilty, the filing party is able to recover some or even all of the fees used to hire an attorney for the case. One of the most important factors in these cases is whether or not the defendant had willful contempt.

Most common examples of willful contempt include:

  • One party's failing to pay child support,
  • Failure to discuss major issues concerning children
  • Failure to transfer an account required in property division cases

In any of these scenarios, a contempt action is justified. Call Gibbs Tillery to speak with our attorneys about what actions you can take during this time.

Defending Against Contempt of Court Accusations

If you are being accused of defying a family law court order, our Decatur contempt defense lawyers are also equipped to help you. We understand that if you are found guilty of contempt, you have a lot to lose. You could be facing jail time and may even face a fine. Our team will carefully analyze your case and work diligently to prepare a convincing defense to account for why you are unable to comply with an order. We work quickly and efficiently to resolve your contempt case.

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