A lot rides on the line in legal disputes. Whether you're navigating a family law matter like a divorce or custody battle, or are working through other civil litigation disputes like a business law or estate planning case, our attorneys here at Gibbs Tillery, have your back.

We know that investing in a law firm can feel like taking a leap of faith, and we want you to feel confident when you decide to work with our team. Below, you can read what our clients have to say about our services, so you can decide if we're the right fit for your case.

  • I highly recommend this efficient, competent attorney and her law firm.
    I was in a long-term contract with a nationally known medical waste management company. As a busy physician, I accepted the fact that the medical waste management fees were likely to climb over time. However, when the fees reached a level I thought was unfair, I attempted to terminate my contract with the company. The company threatened to sue me for breach of contract and I sought legal advice. Jennifer Gibbs found that the company had not met their obligations to me in terms of OSHA requirements. Not only did the potential lawsuit go away, but my contract was also terminated and I received a cash settlement. I highly recommend this efficient, competent attorney and her law firm.

    - T.G.

  • Supportive. Practical. Creative.
    I recently used this firm as my divorce attorney and I give my highest recommendation. Upon my initial consultation I explained my objectives and they was very supportive while at the same time giving me very practical advice on the best way to proceed. My goal was to avoid court and reach a settlement agreement. With the firm's extensive experience in Dekalb County Family Law they were able to recommend an excellent mediator, which we used (per insistence from my soon to be ex-wife) and give me advice on how the particular judge assigned to my case has typically handled matters in the past. In the end, we were able to reach a settlement agreement that was fair to both sides and was as a better final outcome than I was expecting. The firm was very creative in their suggestions, answered all of my questions thoroughly, and was always responsive to my inquiries in a timely manner. They worked closely with me to come up with a game plan that was comfortable to me. In regards to fees and attorneys, I firmly believe that you get what you pay for, and in their case, the fees were always reasonable and customary. They knew my financial situation was tight and I felt that they cared and didn't ever try to un-necessarily run up the bill on me. They routinely kept me updated on where we stood in regards to her hours and fees, which I greatly appreciated. For the results I received, I would describe their services as a solid value and worth every penny I paid.

    - E.L.

  • You have indeed won my admiration, confidence, respect, trust and appreciation.
    I am very pleased that I have/had you working on my behalf. Am also grateful that this case was settled at mediation contrary to what some lawyers had told me (that as long as my wife has filed for divorce in the court, the case is going to be a contested case). Right from the beginning, I loved the way you handled my case, you brought your expertise to play, worked hard, gave it all that it deserves and gave me more than I expected. You have indeed won my admiration, confidence, respect, trust and appreciation. I love you guys and I appreciate everything you have done to make this mediation a success. Actually I lack words to express my inner most gratitude to you and all that you have done. Simply put you are amazing, you have relieved me from a lot of stress and put a smile in my face once again.

    - K.N.

  • Made me feel comfortable and confident.
    Throughout this whole ordeal, you have made me feel comfortable and confident. You are more than just great attorneys, you are two caring individuals that I now call friends! Continue the great work and thank you for all the hard work and compassion you have shown!

    - G.G.

  • Not only professional but very personable.
    I have had the pleasure of working with Jennifer Gibbs. The firm assisted me with my divorce in 2010. Not only was she an amazing attorney but a caring individual as well. The firm was extremely knowledgeable, thorough and completed everything in a timely manner. They were very detail-oriented and thought of things that never came to my mind. During this trying time, they were not only professional but very personable. After finalizing my divorce, I decided to do a will. Jennifer Gibbs was the lawyer who set this up for me. She walked me through the whole process. She gave me excellent advice on different aspects of creating a will. Ms. Gibbs found what worked for me. Jennifer was so pleasant to work with, I recommended my parents to her as well. My father and mother were impressed also. I would highly recommend and Jennifer Gibbs. They are not only skilled at the career they have chosen in life but they are also wonderful individuals.

    - C.B.

  • My attorneys would respond quickly and compassionately
    I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ms. Gibbs on two different occasions. The first was as representation during a very contentious divorce, and the second, a breach of contract dispute. Not only were they always thoroughly prepared, they remained in constant contact and seemed to take a personal interest in protecting me and my family during both engagements. Issues requiring legal counsel can often be some of the most stressful and trying experiences a person will ever face. It was very reassuring during this process to know that my attorneys would respond quickly and compassionately to any of my requests or concerns. Knowledge and competency are to be expected when engaging an attorney. An attorney that offers those things and treats you as a personal friend in the process can make a potentially unsettling experience much more bearable. I regularly recommend Ms. Gibbs to any of my friends or family that need legal guidance and would not hesitate for a moment to engage the firm again should I need an attorney.

    - J.C.H.

  • Listened to everything
    I consulted Jennifer early in 2010 after being terminated from my employment while still on FMLA maternity leave. I was an emotional wreck between just having given birth to my twin daughters, suffering post-partum complications, and receiving this blow at two weeks post-partum! My husband and I met with Jennifer, who listened to everything, even all the emotional upheaval I was going through. She had infinite patience for me and my ordeal and was able to pick out the facts of my case as I told it. She was so professional, yet I never felt as if my feelings and opinions were irrelevant. She was quickly able to get to the point and let me know: 1) that I was not just being emotional and that I had a legitimate case; 2) that it was a strong case; 3) that she was absolutely interested in and able to take it on; and 4) she was able to take it on terms that would work for me and my family financially. She started with practical matters to help me and my family financially by giving me advice on how to file for unemployment and immediately contacted my former employer to make sure they did the right thing concerning it. The relief that simple step brought to me was the beginning of a long and satisfying relationship between Jennifer and myself as attorney and client. Throughout our time working together to get to settlement, Jennifer listened to all my concerns, answered all my questions, and was always available to me if I needed to speak with her. I was always treated by her and her colleagues with respect and my case always seemed to be important to them, no matter what the outcome might be. I was able to leave it in her very capable hands without worrying that I would somehow get taken advantage of or forgotten. In this way, I was able to get on with my life and regain some semblance of normalcy. As time went by, I came to know that Jennifer's knowledge, instinct, and opinion was something that I could trust and it was due to that fact that the settlement I got was the best that I could have gotten.

    - J.K.

  • She wants what’s best for her clients and will go the extra mile
    After being terminated from a job back in August 2012, I called Jennifer Gibbs. I left the particulars of my situation and concerns regarding disability and age discrimination. She promptly returned my call and felt that it was worth further discussion and had me come in. Jennifer advised me that she indeed felt my concerns were relevant. I did not have a lot of paperwork to help the chances of any settlement but she saw past that and genuinely wanted to help me. She has much belief and passion for her clients. I went in with very low expectations but I was able to get a higher settlement than expected. I was amazed at the true caring and hope for my well-being pertaining to my case. This suit surely did not gain her big money but that was not an issue at all with Jennifer. She wants what’s best for her clients and will go the extra mile...

    - M.T.

  • Personable, efficient & proactive
    I had an employment discrimination case. It was more than a pleasure to be represented by such a dynamic firm. Ms.Gibbs and her staff were, personable, efficient & proactive. My opinion and concerns remained top priority for her for the duration of my case. She was always just a phone call away. Ms.Gibbs and her firm go above and beyond and most of all they DEMAND results!

    - D.F.

  • She always provided valuable insight
    She always provided valuable insight and a comforting and reassuring voice
  • You are more than just great attorneys
    You are more than just great attorneys, you are two caring individuals that I now call friends!
  • Efficient, competent attorney
    I highly recommend this efficient, competent attorney and her law firm.
  • I would describe her services as a solid value and worth every penny
    For the results I received, I would describe her services as a solid value and worth every penny I paid.